Stanislav   Shpanin


Stass was born on May 16, 1990, in Baku, Azerbaijan. He studied at the secondary school (the lyceum #6) in Baku until 2005, when his family moved to the United States.

Since March 2005 he has lived and studied in Springfield, Massachusetts, at the MacDuffie Private School.

When he was four years old, Stass was brought to the Youth Creativity Center by his parents to study either chess or visual art. Art workshops of T.Kesar saturated him. He chose visual art, which was later destined to be the passion of his life.

In November 2002, when he was 12 years old, Stanislav Shpanin was included in the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest professional artist in the world. By that time he had won many awards and art achievements.

Stass has had more than 10 one man shows worldwide, including:

  • Azerbaijan ( Baku )
  • Israel ( Jerusalem , Natania)
  • Italy (Oliveto-Cita, Salerno )
  • Russia ( Moscow )
  • France ( Troya )
  • Great Britain ( London )
  • United States of America ( Ellicott-City , MD and Boston , MA )

 He is the winner of many prestigious art competitions, including:

  • Grand-Prize of Ministry of Transport of the Japanese Government (Osaka, Japan), 2000
  • World Olympia Maccabi Games  (Jerusalem, Israel), 2001
  • Tasis Project of the European Union  (Baku, Azerbaijan), 2001
  • International Competition (Prague, Czech Republic), 2002
  • River of Words” of the Library of Congress (Washington, DC , USA) , 2002
  • Many others…

In April 1999, Stass won the prestigious International Art Competition held at the Russian State Tretjakov Gallery in honor of the 200-th birth anniversary of the world famous poet Alexander Pushkin. Stass was the best among three thousand participants from more than two hundred countries. Yuri Luzhkov, the mayor of Moscow ,and Zurab Ceretely, the President of the Academy of Visual Art, presented him with the first-place award.

In July 1999 his personal art shows in Italy were a tremendous success. Stass received praise from world famous Italian magazine “Miscellanea ”. It compared the young prodigy from Baku to the great Van Gogh particularly in his unique sense of colors.

Award ceremony in the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

In 2001, Stanislav Shpanin was the only foreign citizen included in the Union of Israeli Artists.

In April, 2003 Stass was invited to the Library of Congress to the Ceremony of the Awards for receiving a Grand-Prize in one of the most prestigious art competitions in the USA- “River of Word”.

In May 2004 the National Geographic Journal published an article about Stass’ achievements.

Stass’ artworks are in the private collections of many famous people, among them the President of the Azerbaijan Heydar Aliev, the mayor of Salerno, Italy, and the mayor of Natania, Israel. Many of his works are on display in the Museum of Energy and Honor in Hadera, Israel, the Museum of Honor of the Maccabi Games in Jerusalem, Israel, the Embassy of Israel in Azerbaijan and many other private collections.

Dr. Gregory Ostrovsky, professor of Fine Arts at the Jerusalem University, writes about him: “Stass - is an artist not by occupation, but by vocation, by the way he lives, by imaginary thinking of deep poetic attitude, with the rare ability to experience impressions of the surrounding reality, and naturally and organically reproduce them in the material of arts. Relaxed, open elements of color, pure, happy and clear are his elements. Good teaching can teach a lot of things, but the feelings of color and shape are a gift of destiny. Stass’s paintings literally swallow and conquer powerful streams of rich tints, emotion and pithy full of color…”

Oliver Leaman, professor at the University of Kentucky and famous writer, qualifies Stass Shpanin: “I am an admirer of his paintings. Stanislav is clearly gifted at paintings and has a fine repertoire of technical skills… I do think that the quality of the work of this individual is very high and promising”.

At the present time Stass’ artworks are represented in the Artmosphere Gallery in Boston and in the Museum of Contemporary Russian Art in Jersey-City.