Mission Statement

The Museum of Contemporary Russian Art (MoCRA) is dedicated to being a preeminent cultural institution in its field, a major full-service art museum focusing upon the collection, preservation and documentation and exhibition of challenging and important artworks.

The Museum focuses upon Russian art and culture of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, from the colossal achievements of the great Russian Avant-Garde (Kandinsky, Malevich and others) through the fascinating era of Non-Conformist or Unofficial Art of the period between the late 1950s and the 1980s, and up to the most recent developments in the living worlds of art and culture. Russian art is broadly construed, including all art that can be associated with Russian culture. Art belonging to the cultural life of Russia; art produced by Russians, Russian-speakers, and artists of Russian extraction, background and heritage; art that is itself concerned with Russian language, history and culture – all this is within MoCRA’s purview.

MoCRA seeks to promote and stimulate innovation and excellence in Russian art. Its resources will be used to advance the ambitions of artists and scholars in the field, possibly to include prizes, awards, subsidies and scholarships for eminent and promising artists and scholars.

MoCRA aims to become a vibrant and dynamic cultural center for the communities to which it belongs. In addition to programs related to fine art, the Museum will be home to an ongoing film program, literary and poetic events, and concerts and performances.

MoCRA is also an educational and research institution. The Museum organizes individual lectures and continuing courses, featuring important scholars in the field, on a variety of topics. Topics include practical art courses for children and adults; talks on individual artists; presentations on art appreciation, history and theory; and courses related to Russian culture in all its variety and broadly construed. MoCRA also aims to supplement its collection and support scholarship by accruing and sustaining a crucial library and archives. The Museum will also publish works of preeminent intellectual merit and by key authorities in its area.

MoCRA strives to engage diverse audiences, both locally and farther abroad. It is an integral part of the communities of Jersey City, New Jersey, the New York Metropolitan area, and the tri-state area. In addition to its core programs, the Museum avails itself of every opportunity to enrich the cultural life of the communities it serves.